Vapor Deposition

NNF Staff Contacts : Jeff Ricker-Hagler and Nicole Hedges


SiN Deposition


Temperature – 725C

Pressure – 321mTorr

Gas- NH3 (60%); Dichlorosilane (24%)

Poly-Si Deposition


Temperature – 600C

Pressure – 248mTorr

Gas- Disilane (26%)


Atomic Layer Deposition

Oxides: Al2O3, HfO2, SiO2, ZrO2, TiO2

Nitrides: AlN, SiN, TiN

Samples: Pieces – 8″ Wafer

Deposition Temperatures: 100C – 400C

Plasma Capable with H2 Gas Flow


Current Precursor Status


Plasma Enhanced CVD

Diamond-like coating.