Get Started Using the NNF

Interested in using the facility? Please complete this quick Project Inquiry Form so we can determine how best to get your project started.  

Qualifying as a NNF User for onsite processing:


  1. Pass NNF Safety Test:
    1. Study Safety Material in the Safety section of the website
    2. Schedule a safety test slot by requesting on the Safety page
  2. Request a link for new Project Application Form from Sharon Guidry (
    1. Internal NCSU Users also submit a completed User Agreement Form to Sharon Guidry
    2. External Users also submit a completed Service Agreement Form and NCSU Laboratory Use Form
  3.  Complete the NCSU online “Laboratory Chemical Waste Management Training”
    1.  Log into the Reporter System (
      1.  NC State Users login under Unity ID
      2.  External Users use Guest login
    2. Go to Catalog and Search for the Course/Program ID : EHPS-HW104
    3. Register for the Course : Laboratory Chemical Waste Management Training
    4. Complete the Course and keep a copy of your Completion Certificate

Once you receive email validation that you have qualified as an NNF User you will schedule an NNF Orientation and Process Review.

Sending samples to the NNF for processing:



  1. Schedule a process review meeting with NNF Staff
    1. Staff will supply a quote for processing work with cost and time estimates, project goals, and defined deliverables.
  2. Request a link for the New Project Application Form from Sharon Guidry (
    1. For External Customers please also submit the completed Service Agreement Form and a copy of a PO for billing

Laboratory Documentation


Mendix Lab Management System Startup

The NNF uses the NC State supported Lab Management system, Mendix, for all tool reservations, tool logins, and billing. Users will log into equipment at the lab terminal computers to satisfy interlocks and start usage and then log out when work is complete. All usage will be tracked and billed based on the total tool usage time, from login to log out. 

This system in accessible from any web browser at or

The Lab Management system is part of the dual authentication structure for NCSU students/staff/faculty so a few steps are required before the first time you want to either reserve or use equipment.

External users will always need to go into the system through the Guest Login. If you use other service centers on campus then you can log in the same way to use the NNF. If you are new to the system, you will need to reset your password on your first visit. Here are instructions on this procedure:

Internal NCSU users will also need to reset their passwords in the Mendix system so that they can access equipment through the lab terminals without dual authentication. Here are instructions on this procedure:

Once you have reset your password you will be able to access equipment from any terminal computer in the lab facility by using the Guest Login. Here are instructions: