System Failures and Responses


To the extent practicable, failures of the cleanroom systems have been anticipated and result in clean room gas shutoff. Possible system failure and response actions are identified below.

Power Failure:

All occupants of the cleanroom facilities must leave the facility in the event of power failure after assuring the equipment is left in a safe condition. All toxic and flammable gas systems fail-safe closed when power is interrupted. A diesel generator automatically provides emergency power for interspersed lighting, fire protection systems, toxic exhaust fans and gas detection systems. Evacuation of the cleanrooms is still necessary despite the operational status of these systems. Upon the restoration of power, all equipment shall be checked prior to re-initializing hazardous gas services.

Fume Hoods and Exhaust Fans:

During a power failure, MRC fans will momentarily lose electrical power until the emergency generator assumes the load. There will be a decrease in exhaust when power fails and there will be no air supply through building fans. The cleanroom and gas rooms will be under negative pressure with respect to the hallways.

Chilled Water:

NNF Staff will notify users of affected tools due to a failure of process cooling water.

Breathing Air:

The breathing air system (SCBA) is available from EHS for use during processes which are potentially hazardous. The source of air is from cylinders. A five-minute escape unit is included with each respirator. Only authorized personnel may use the breathing air system.