NNF Staff Contacts : Nicole Hedges

Dektak D150 Contact Profilometer

Tip Size : 12.5um Radius Inverted Cone

Samples : Pieces – 8″ Wafer

Step Height Range : 100A – 1mm

Stress Measurement : 2″ – 8″ Wafers:

Dektak XT Contact Profilometer

Max Scan length: 55 mm

Samples: Pieces – 8″ Wafer

Vertical Repeatability: 4 Angstroms on 0.1 micron step

Tip Radius: 12.5 microns

Wyko NT9100 Optical Profilometer

White Light and Green Light Measurements

Samples : Pieces – 6″ Wafer

Surface Mapping and Characterization

System is calibrated for usage.


Hitachi SEM

Resolution: 4.0 nm at 20kV (high vacuum)

Magnification: 6x-30,000x (photo mode), 16x-800,000x (on display)

Image Data Saving: up to 5120 x 3840 pixels

Elemental Mapping (EDS)


117 Vac

±5% Margin of Error

50/60 Hz

4-Pt Probe

Used to measure sheet resistance of samples

Pieces up to full size wafers


Thickness Range: 1 nm – 40 microns

Wavelength Range: 190-1100 nm

Defect Imaging Station

Sample- 2” Wafer

Step movement: 0.01mm-10mm

Surface Mapping of Particles

Optical Microscopes

NNF has several optical microscopes with varying capabilities.