USPS Address
NC State University
Campus Box 7920
Raleigh, NC 27695-7920

Courier Address
NC State University
Monteith Research Center
2410 Campus Shore Drive
Room 243
Raleigh, NC 27606

Dr. Phil Barletta

Operations Director of NNF

MRC 246

Ph: 919.513.1976

Nicole Hedges

Business and Education Manager

MRC 243D

Ph: 919.515.2809

Marcio Cerullo

Lab Manager

MRC 243C

Ph: 919.515.5054

Greg Allion

Photolithography Engineer

MRC 243E

Ph: 919.515.2767

Jeff Ricker-Hagler

Hardware Engineer

MRC 243B

Ph: 919.515.7658

Jim Mitchell

Specialty Trades Technician

MRC 243A

Ph: 919.515.5394

Sharon Guidry

Accounting Technician

MRC 243F

Ph: 919.515.5056

NNF Faculty Advisory Board

Dr. Jacob Jones

Material Science & Engineering

Dr. Omer Oralkan

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Dr. Robert Riehn